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Gustav FroeseGustav Froese

Everything was great, I was worried about touching my eyes and the surgery and everything, and it was not a problem at all. The whole surgery took like less than a minute and everybody there was incredibly nice and helpful. 10/10 would reccomend to anybody with vision issues. My eyes healed better than 20/20

Cindy FloresCindy Flores

Had a great experience with Lasik of Nevada. Everyone there is wonderful. I was nervous because like many of us our eyesight is very important to us but Dr.Rothman was great he made everything so much better. Very quick procedure! I sure recommend this place to anyone who is looking into getting lasik.

Kulwinder SinghKulwinder Singh

I will give 5* to lasik of Nevada because of there staff & service & also they give me good offer for surgery. I will refer this location to everyone who are frustrated with there glasses & contact lenses. Extremely satisfied.

deejaylcf .deejaylcf .

Had a wonderful experience here. Staff is A+++ Helped me through the whole process. Answered every question I had even though I already did the research. Doctor Rothman was funny and very straight forward. I recommend them all the time. I was seeing great 2 days after the procedure. It’s been over a month and wouldn’t take it back for anything. Keep up the good work.

Ashley SheldonAshley Sheldon

Ive been wearing glasses for about 18 years and contacts for about 14 years. Ive always wanted to get my eyes fixed. So i dont have to put in my eyes to see. When i was younger i never cared and i just slept in my contacts all of the time. As i get into my late teens early twenties my eye doctor told me i had to stop orher wise i would not be able to wear them anymore. And i wasnt going to let that happen. I never wore my glasses out in public and very rarely even in my own home. I looked into a few places and found lasik of nevada and just how in detail the staff was about what to expect before during and after the procedure was seriously so helpful and made me feel a lot more at ease about getting it done. The procedure literally only took like 6 minutes for both eyes. I highly recommend getting it done. To be honest I wish i would of gotten it done sooner.