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The LASIK of Nevada Staff (Patient Testimonials)

This video features a number of LASIK of Nevada patients as they talk about their experience with the LASIK of Nevada staff.

Dede – “The LASIK of Nevada staff was great! They were very knowledgeable and with all the questions I had, they were able to answer them all to where I felt comfortable because I was very nervous about having the procedure done. And they were really good about answering all the questions and making me feel comfortable to have the procedure.”

Dan – “My complete experience there with everybody who worked there, they were professional, they were easy to talk to, they were very accommodating, and it was a pleasure to go into a place and to be treated with respect that I was treated there.”

Maricela – “The staff of LASIK of Nevada was awesome! They’re very knowledgeable and any questions that I had, they answered, they checked up on my the day before, the day after, and they made me feel safe, so I really didn’t worry.”

Kyle – “The LASIK staff was awesome. I think I specifically dealt with Debbie. She was just a fantastic lady, really made you feel comfortable, and it was like a natural decision to make. And that goes for all of the staff there”

Alex – “If I were to describe the staff at LASIK of Nevada I’d use the word “diligent,” because there was no question left unanswered, they were friendly, great follow-ups, it reassured me to know that they were there.”