We See Clear Vision in Your Future

LASIK of Nevada is the most experienced LASIK practice in Nevada with compassionate patient care and unparalleled vision correction results.

We know LASIK can be a big decision, but this life-changing procedure can ensure you have the crystal- clear vision you need in your life. Be free of the hassle of glasses, the expense of contacts, and all the worry that comes along with losing, breaking, or forgetting either of them. Let’s have peace of mind again. Let’s look out for our future. A future where we can wake up to clear vision.

Our Results Speak for Themselves: Hear It from Our Patients


LASIK has become one of the most popular vision correction procedures over the past few years. Using the latest in laser technology, it can provide clear vision without the need for contacts or glasses. Imagine waking up and simply being able to see - that’s your future with LASIK.

About LASIK of Nevada

LASIK of Nevada is Nevada’s most specialized and experienced LASIK provider. Our core tenants are safety, comfort and experience to provide our patients with outstanding results and compassionate care. Our lead surgeon, Dr. Richard Rothman, has performed over 50,000 laser vision correction procedures and our doctors and staff have over 50 years of combined LASIK experience.

We are dedicated to not only achieving the best possible outcome for each individual patient, but also to ensuring your LASIK is affordable and fits into your budget. We are here for you and your vision!

Our Locations

Las Vegas

8190 S Maryland Pkwy #100
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 636-2010


1225 S. Fort Apache Rd. #145
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 636-2010


1000 Caughlin Crossing #15
Reno, NV 89519
(775) 828-2733
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