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Fun Vision Quizzes!

Optical Illusion Tests Optical illusions are both fun and fascinating. They also provide us with the chance to experience how our eyes and minds can actually be fooled into seeing something that does not exist or failing to comprehend something that does. The mystery further deepens when the same image is perceived differently from one … Continue reading Fun Vision Quizzes!


A Deeper Look into Nearsightedness Nearsightedness, also known as myopia, is a common eye condition that causes objects that are in close view to appear clear while objects that are far away to appear blurry.  The condition develops over time and can progress gradually or rapidly but often begins during childhood. Nearsightedness is often hereditary … Continue reading Nearsighted

Discover These Unexpected Awesome Advantages to Have LASIK Surgery

  If you have vision problems, you may have considered getting LASIK, which is laser eye surgery. Many people love the idea of having better vision but aren’t sure if the process is worth it. Here are five great reasons to consider ditching glasses and getting the best vision of your life. 1. Your vision … Continue reading Discover These Unexpected Awesome Advantages to Have LASIK Surgery